Some Of Our Fabulous Friends!

Kevin Klimowski, Lisa Nichols of "The Secret"
and Jodi Nicholson

ABC TVs Secret Millionaire James Malinchak,
Jodi Nicholson & Kevin Klimowski

ABC TVs Secret Millionaire James Malinchak,
Prince, Jodi Nicholson and 24s Glenn Morshower

Jodi Nicholson, Patricia Allen, Dona Crowley, Miss Florida, Paul Harris, Ryan Nece Charity Event
AFGOC & Friends @ Ryan Nece Charity Event 
Dona Crowley, Patricia Allen, Miss Florida
Paul Harris and Jodi Nicholson 

jodi nicholson, h john mejia, good life tampa bay
Good Life Tampa Bay's H. John Mejia & Jodi Nicholson

Tony Robbins & Jodi Nicholson
Business Mastery in Las Vegas with 
Tony Robbins and Jodi Nicholson

Mastering the Art of Success Co-Authors,
Jodi Nicholson and Les Brown

Jodi Nicholson

Our Fabulous CEO, Jodi Nicholson

  Authentic. Grateful. Faithful..  
A Fabulous Group of Companies, Inc. ~ A Unique, Boutique Consulting Firm
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Company Culture

Our Mission

Recognized as an innovative, unique and caring, boutique consultancy firm, A Fabulous Group of Companies, Inc. is admired as a quality, service friendly company with impeccable values grounded in the highest ethical standards. We thrive in our mission to provide innovative ideas, solution driven concepts, superior execution, and excellent service within each brand ~ all enhanced by our unwavering support, attention to detail, honesty and integrity. Our persistent commitment to WOW our clients with consistency, growth and perpetual improvement nourishes everyone's ultimate success and prosperity. We believe that each and everyday, it's ALL about FABULOUS YOU!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on solid, yet simple principles

We practice a relatively transparent business model, keeping our clientele fully informed of the entire process, and ensure that they comprehend all aspects of the business relationship before we solidify any commitment. We speak the truth, fast! We place honesty as the first step to building our long-term relationships with clients, vendors and our fabulous team, a team who are willing to attain client and company objectives in order to thrive in and through our organization. 

We believe in putting the people we serve first, and honor the Platinum Rule, "Treat others the way they want to be treated." We are committed to admiring all people respectfully - it is the heart of everything we do - holding others in the highest of esteem. Respect in our organization is also about mutual respect and honoring the Golden Rule or the ethic of reciprocity, "To treat other people as we would wish to be treated ourselves," therefore, we appreciate the same in return. We view our relationships as a unity of quality and strive to cherish it in a positive, grateful light.

We strive to meet and exceed with excellence each of our goals and promises; otherwise, we do not make them. We do not take lightly our commitments and accept full responsibility with enthusiasm. Adhering to our statements and promises is not a point to be pondered or questioned at A Fabulous Group; it is a conscious devotion to stand in integrity, honesty and respect at all times. 

Quality of products and services without compromise is the foundation of our long-term success in business. Our reputation has been built on it and our future depends on it. We contract with top-notch vendors, apply advanced tools and technology, focus on prevention, and administer correct techniques to ensure all of our projects provide fabulous solutions that exceed expectations and perpetuate growth and prosperity.

We take a vivid, imaginative and proactive approach to see where our clients are going and help them pave the way. With the rate at which the world is changing daily, it is often difficult to know where the boundaries lie or what to do next. This can be of concern to many, and with our team by your side, the current conditions generate endless possibilities for a dynamic future, whether as individuals or as organizations. We support you with superior products and excellent service to keep you moving into your vision. We strive to consider the world in all we do and focus intently on just ONE and then deliver to MANY.  We strive to provide to our clients, vendors and associates products and services that are impressive, useful and most importantly ... Simply Fabulous!

We are the combined strength of our team and employ highly qualified, skilled individuals to provide our clientele with the utmost attention, devotion, dedication and respect. We care about our fabulous team and train them, nurture them and support them in their endeavors, both inside and outside of the business environment. We embrace personal and professional development, and foster growth through balance in all areas of life. We keep our team apprised of all advancements in the industry and continue to empower each individual to make decisions with minimal administration oversight.

Our fabulous team supports our clients, our mission, and our philosophy. For this, we are grateful.

A Fabulous Group of Companies, Inc.
With offices in: Tampa, FL | Las Vegas, NV | Houston, TX


In addition to being a trend-setting, business coaching and consultancy firm, we also own and manage a variety of specialty brands under our fabulous group platform. AFGOC, Inc. is also involved in joint ventures with other firms, partnering and prospering with like-minded professionals. We are always open to discuss new and innovative concepts, and because we are a solutions provider, our team and your team could make a perfect and most fabulous match! 

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